Pamela Laoshi
SAWF Qualified Wushu National Senior Judge (Taijiquan)
Taijiquan Teacher & Practitioner Since 2006

When my kungfu brother mentioned to me that we should learn Taiji, I thought he was crazy and this was just another one of his so called "brilliant" ideas.  But we did it anyway.  We started learning the Yang Style Taijiquan.  Then we realised that we were not learning the traditional way, as a martial art.  And so began my journey of self-discovery and introduction to one of the most amazing treasures of Chinese culture and philosophy.  Even though the physical pain was unbearable, I just kept going back for more.  Nothing is unattainable if you really, really want it.

I have often told my students that Taijiquan is a long road up the mountain.  It requires dedication, commitment and practise.  It is the journey that must be enjoyed.  One must open one's mind and embrace what Taijiquan has to offer, embrace the physical pain that only makes you stronger, embrace the emotional turmoil that makes you want to give up but you don't and embrace that wonderful feeling of achievement on your last OUT BREATH at the end of your form, when you've given your best - mind, body and spirit.

Taijiquan becomes a way of life.  It influences our thoughts and our actions in daily life.  It's embedded in our psyche and in our every breath.  It is not something that can be studied at class and then put away on a shelf.

Little did I know then that this so called "brilliant" idea would become my passion and my way of life.

Become your own master of Taijiquan.  Join me on my journey up the mountain.